Digital Scanning, Printing & Milling

Our partial dentures are created by first scanning patients teeth and soft tissue using our Trios Wireless Intraoral scanner. This new, more accurate method can most often eliminate the need to take a traditional impression.


In addition to scanning natural teeth, we can also use our new lab scanner to scan full arch impressions, models, or existing dentures and then turn them into a digital file for future use.


Once a digital replica of our patients existing complete dentures and soft tissue have been captured, we use our 3shape software to design our patients new dentures. Once the design is complete, the file is sent to our 3D printer to print a complete denture to try in the mouth. In come cases, patients will be able to take the 3D printed try in dentures home to test. This helps determined If more changes need to be made to ensure a proper fitting and functioning final denture.

Asiga Max


Once all necessary changes have been made to the printed denture and it is perfected, we send it to our milling machine to mill the denture for us. This process allows for a much more accurate fit than the traditional denture processing methods.

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