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I wore upper dentures for 22 years and absolutely hated them.

When the time came that I had to get bottom dentures I kept putting it off. Finally I checked into implants and as you can see I now smile. A real smile!

I have gotten so many positive remarks about my smile since the 5 on top and 4 on the bottom implants and permanent denture. My confidence and self-esteem is certainly better. I do not have to hide my smile anymore!

There is absolutely no comparison in terms of regular dentures and implant dentures. I can now taste food as there is no upper pallet on the roof of my mouth. I can chew without worrying about popping my denture out. I can bite an apple!

I did a lot of consultations for the implants and the team of Dr. Susoeff at Southwest Smiles and Rizzoli Denture and Implant Clinic was by far the most affordable. The customer service was outstanding!

ll.white September 9, 2015

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The fixed implant procedure was for me was total rejuvenation of my life style toward my social circle. The procedure and treatments where of the utmost professionalism from both the Rizzoli Denture & Implant Clinic (Terrena Rizzoli D.D. and Dr. Susoeff).

They were always there for me, answering all my questions no matter what. Let me remind you that pains and problems were not part of the surgery, it was finding total satisfaction.  There was never any regrets for the choosing of implant retained denture. The amazing thought of going back to the basic of smiling (eating with no pain) and even speaking freely.

I'm proud to feeling like being myself again, it's the height of my expectations. I sincerely recommend Rizzoli Denture & Implant Clinic to anyone.  If you are looking to get back to having a beautiful smile, self esteem, and confidence I say go for it!

Patricia B. April 8, 2015