Digital Dentures

Discover What Digital Dentures Can Do

Digital dentures have revolutionized many denture services as we know them. Now, digital impressions can be taken for creating dentures, which is very good news for patients! This means they need fewer impressions, fewer denturist appointments, and that they will have the most accurate fit with their dentures based on precise digital measurements. Records of these digital impressions are saved, meaning the dentures can be recreated quickly in the event they are lost or broken.

Our Digital Denture Process


In addition to scanning natural teeth, we can also use our new lab scanner to scan full arch impressions, models, or existing dentures and then turn them into a digital file for future use.

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Once a digital replica of our patients’ existing complete dentures and soft tissue has been captured, we use our 3Shape software to design our patients’ new dentures. Once the design is complete, the file is sent to our 3D printer to print a complete denture to try in the mouth. In some cases, patients will be able to take the 3D printed try-in dentures home to test. This helps determine if more changes need to be made to ensure a proper fitting and functioning final denture.

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Once all necessary changes have been made and the design has been perfected, the digital file is sent to our milling machine to be fabricated. This process allows for a much more accurate fit than the traditional denture processing methods.

Digital dentures laser pen at Rizzioli Denture & Implant Clinic

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Benefits of Digital Dentures

If dentures are broken or lost, they can be recreated much faster thanks to the digital record.

Digital dentures are quickly becoming a preferred method of denture fabrication for a number of reasons, including:

  • More precise, accurate fit
  • Fewer impressions
  • If dentures are broken or lost, they can be recreated much faster thanks to the digital record
  • Limited denturist appointments required
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Increased durability
Watch the digital denture process

Discover What Digital Dentures Can Do!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are digital dentures?

Digital dentures are made with digital technology that helps create the most precise, accurate fit possible. A mold of your teeth and bite are taken and then scanned into our design software.  These processing steps can now be performed faster and more efficiently, taking out any ‘guesswork’ that is related to making dentures by hand.  Using these impressions, the dentures are then designed.  Finally, they are fabricated with 3D printing technology to render a virtually identical copy based on your impressions, giving the patient the opportunity to actually wear and function with a temporary denture before the design is finalized.  Once finalized, the dentures are milled from a high-quality acrylic puck and tooth puck. They are then bonded together to create the finished denture.

Being a digital denture clinic, we now have the ability to gain more accurate data and better possibilities for visualizing treatment options, therefore, enhancing the communication between the Denturist and Patient.