Lower Suction Dentures

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Innovative Denture Technology

Until recently, the only way to achieve lower dentures was with dental implants or a floating lower denture. While implant-supported dentures remain a great option for your lower ridge, Rizzoli Denture & Implant Clinic now offers the practical and affordable alternative of lower suction dentures.

Learn More About Lower Suction Dentures

Patients looking for a non-surgical method to achieve comfortable lower dentures can now benefit from this awesome advance in technology created by Dr. Jiro Abe of Japan. Rather than struggling to control a floating lower denture, patients are able to speak, chew and move their tongue with ease. While we still offer a wide array of more traditional denture services, this new method is a great choice for clients looking for alternative options to meet their lower denture needs.

How Do Lower Suction Dentures Work?

Dr. Abe created the lower suction denture method by utilizing a special impression method that copies the movements and shapes of the lower oral cavity. Rather than taking a single, static impression, this results in a much more precise fit that creates a strong seal around the entire lower denture. This suction is powerful enough to keep the denture in place without implants or adhesive.

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Benefits of Lower Suction Dentures

  • Many patients find they can eat many of the foods they weren’t confident enough to eat with conventional dentures
  • They are an affordable and effective option
  • No messy adhesive is required
  • Creates a secure seal for incredible stability and security
  • Fewer sore spots
  • They feel less bulky and more natural than conventional dentures

Are Lower Suction Dentures Right for You?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are lower suction dentures right for me?

Lower suction dentures are an appropriate option for approximately 80% of patients. However, they aren’t suitable for everyone and each patient needs to be examined individually for eligibility.